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The Psi Rebellion
Psi Ball Guide


                                      Psi Ball Guide
                                       By Xenojjin

So many people have been having trouble with making a psi ball , So here is a small little step by step guide to get you through . This is written in a form for people who have never used psi before as opposed to other guides on psi balls .

I.Getting started -rules blink.gif

its important that throughout this little exercise that you try to keep yourself calmed and relaxed , try and keep steady breathing and dont tense up your muscles during any time of the exercise .

steady breathing is basically breathing at a constant pace

-breath in , count to two , breath out , count to two , repeat .

when relaxing , make sure you are laid back . Kind of like how you would be when lying down outside somewhere and just enjoying the calm breeze hit you .be original.gif

II. The guide .gunsmilie.gif

1.try to visualize one of the following ( visualization is making an image of something in your mind ) water , fire , electricity , or anything else you can think of . Preferably something you can relate to as energy . try to visualize this element you have chosen inside your body ... Importent: DO NOT fill you body with the element when you visualize , imagine it as it is already inside you , its already their . It help if you try to imagine this energy flowing , EX: water flowing through you instead of staying still , or if you chose lightning have it shock through you . I myself have found lightning worked best when I was first starting

3.continue this process and try to keep the visualization of this energy inside of you flowing for about 30 seconds . try to take more control of how this energy that is flowing , and make all of the visualized energy flow into your dominant hand ( right if right handed , left if left ) . If you don't feel anything prickly in your hand , then
try again with the knowledge that your are trying to trick your body into producing psi , and psi is associated with the nervous system . repeat steps 1-4 until you feel confident in having psi in your hand . Your hand will feel anything like the following . usually just one , maybe two .

-prickly , kind of like when your foot falls asleep
-cold as ever
-like electricity is flowing through your hand

Note that you did not visualize the feeling , it was brought on by your first visualization but you did not try to make yourself feel this in particular... it came on by itself didnt it ?

5.dont lose that energy in your hand now ! try to keep the psi ( yes , this is psi ) in your hand , if it feels like its going out reinforce it by visualizing more of the chosen element energy forming in your stomach ( yes , stomach ) and then have it flow to your hand .

6.this is one of the hardest parts , while juggling to maintain the energy in you dominant hand , you must attempt to repeat steps 1-4 ... but with your non dominant hand . Done correctly you should now feel psi in both of your hands .

7. continue to feed your hands by repeating the visualiztion steps , or visualize the element chosen flowing in your stomach , and slowly bring it up your chest . Cut this energy in half while in you chest ( not the amount , more like a disection ) and send one half to your left hand and then the other to your right hand .

8. the hardest part . You should feel Psi in both your hands now . Place your hands about a foot and a half apart , and slowly bring them together . Palms facing each other , be sure not to lose the psi in your hands while doing this

9.Now another difficult part , when you get to about 5 inches apart from each other while moving the hands together S-L-O-W-L-Y proceed to step 10

( while staying relaxed , you are staying relaxed aren't you ? *someone in audience shamefully raises hand* awww ... back to step 1 with you ! tongue.gif )

10.Now you must attempt to "pour" the psi back and forth , see if you can shift the psi from your left hand to your right hand and vice versa through the 5 inch space .now try to bring psi out of both your and meet in the middle ... focus on controling the psi while its outside of your body and visualize it forming into a ball , or make it form into a ball .


III.troubleshooting crying.gif

It might help if you visualize a rod in between your hands for transfering psi as this is the hardest part for most people ... bringing psi out of your body ... it may require many tries before you get it right as often times people make the mistake of bringing the just visualization out of their body ... but forget the psi in their hands... in which case you have no psi , just an imaginary ball in your hand ... in which case your a nut...

here is how to check if you have a psi ball .

-you should feel its there , or kind of have an odd feeling that it is there
-the ball will have the same prickly feeling as it did when it was in your hand , you just wont be touching the ball , you will feel the ball being prickly outside of your body ( extremely hard to explain , you will have to try and see for yourself )

-you may move your hand through the psi ball , and it may possibly have a warm feeling to it , as if the air around it is slightly warmer then air not around the ball .

-you can still move the ball around with your mind .

I purposely made a thread entitled "mind excersises" to help with this , search for it and try all of them and then try this again . Mind excersises help indeed .


IV.wrapping up , some footnotes cool.gif

dont get discouraged if you failed , if you succeded by reading this over and doing it the first time then that is very rare and quite amazing . It just may take a month to get down and as long as you got through step 3 today you are actually in good shape .

you may want to head over to psipogs website and do a search for "charging" in their articles section . charging will definatly help if you had problems such as losing the enregy from your hands or having the psi ball fall apart right after you make it .

A good sign you have progressed is when you become able to not need visualization in order to summon psi . After about 5 months it becomes a part of you . You will be able to lift your hand on your head and think the thought "I want enrgy in this hand" and you will have psi . Psi will become a sixth sense if you give it time , it is not just some cheap parlor trick you can master in a week or two .

If you dont believe in psi , I encourage you to try this even more and see what you think . just please dont PM me about your random reasons for not believing in it .

Note to other psions who can already make a psiball - please tell me if you see a spelling error or anything else that should be added , it may really help . Thanks ! thumbsup.gif

Article written by Xenojjin . original.gif

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