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The Psi Rebellion
The Kinesis


Every one of these works better when you have meditated beforehand.
If you do not have control over any of these it can hurt you or others around you. Be careful and use them at your own risk.
Warning: Uncontrolled Pyrokinesis can be a danger to yourself and others around you. Be careful if you choose to practice and practice at your own risk.
Well this is by far my favorite kinesis and the best technique to practice your skills is called the dancing flame. Take a match, light it. Then envision a tunnel between your mind and the flame or a beam and you're blocking everything but the match out of your view so you can't see it correctly, focus only on the flame,and will your mind to put it out, see the flame going out in your mind. This is the easy part, the hard part is getting the flame to relight. Once you've got the match to go out  you should focus on the ember relighting. After a few weeks of hard work the ember will glow red as if it wanted to relight! Once you have practiced enough the match will relight. This technique does work. Once you have mastered the Dancing Flame technique you should move on to bigger flames, I suggest moving on to candles first.
Raising Temperatures: Close your eyes and imagine that all the air around you is wavy from all the heat, imgaine you are hot and sweating, and everything around you is just extremely hot. After trying this a few times the temperature will raise a bit if there is nothing like air conditioning or a fan on.
Relighting: A good way to get the flame to relight or light something is to visualize all the molecules slowly starting to speed up and glow red hot until something lights.
Games: If you and a friend are learning Pyrokinesis together you should light a candle, and fight each other's wills in getting the candle to come to your side. This is also a good technique to get better.
Telekinesis is the power to move objects with your mind. There are many different ways to practice and hone your telekinesis skills but one of the main ones is called the psi wheel. You take a piece of paper, cut it in a four inch square, fold each of the corners into the middle so when you're done they should look like a broken pyramid, and put it on a pishpin witht the sides you folded in face up. Now imagine the energy of your mind flowing out of each of your hand chakras and willing the wheel to turn. This takes a long time to master and is difficult but it does work.
Technique 2: Take a small, preferably light metal, object such as a cheap ring that weighs next to nothing and place it down in front of you. Block out everything else and envision a tunnel between you and the ring. Then imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out from your third eye chakra and pulling the ring towards you. This takes practice but does work.
Get into a nice open area where you will not be disturbed and after meditating imagine strings of psi stretching off of your fingers towards the winds. Pull, not jerk, your hand where you want the wind to blow. This takes a while to master and eventually you will able to bring on strong winds.
Few people even know this by name much less practiced it. Cryokinesis is the power over ice, such as in the Mortal Kombat movies Sub-Zero was supposedly a strong cryokinetic. Place your hands over your Dan Tien (Just below belly button and cup your hands in psi ball position) First you have to make a psi ball, then fill it with water, and imagine a strong northern or southern wind depending on which hemisphere you live in gusting in and turning that water into ice. If done correctly there should be a cold spot between your hands. This is where the ice elemental power really comes from.
Lowering Temperature: This is about the exact opposite of pyrokinesis, basically just imagine everything around you freezing and strong gusts of wind coming in and you shivering.
Warning: This especially should not be done except by a practiced psi or ki practitioner, very dangerous.
Biokinesis is the power to altar your genes. Theoretically if you mastered this you could program yourself not to get older and then not die, yes immortality. No one has achieved that yet, all people have achieved is things like running faster, harder to lose stamina, see better, more resistant to temperature, and changing the color of your eyes. After medititating see your genes running through your body in your head. Make a very thin, sharp needle of psi. Now will the psi needle to go down and dissolve into a mass of psi into your genes programmed to do what you want it to. MAKE SURE that you cover the whole with psi or your character, who you are, will leak out. This is very dangerous, be careful
Electrokinesis is the power over electricity. Using this you could shock someone and mess up reception on tvs or radios and such. Okay, practice this technique for ten to fifteen minutes a day, meditate while seeing your body filled with electricity, see it flowing inside you until you're good enough to shoot it at something and mess up the reception.
Another technique is to meditate before you go to bed and see electricity shooting out of your fingers, eventually you'll see sparks or electricity lines.
Electro-Ball: First, make a psi ball, then visualize electricity from your body merging with it and forming a ball of electricity. If you want to use this to shock someone do not put too much energy into it as it could seriously injure someone and never use it on someone who you know has powers less developed than yours.
Chronokinesis is the power to slow down or speed up your perception of time. If you slow it down you will appear to others to be moving at superhuman speed and your talk will sound like gibberish but to you it will be like everything is slow motion. If you choose to speed up time, everything around you will seem fast and you will appear to be in slow motion.
First get a clock that ticks on the second and find a relaxing place. Then Listen to the beats and begin to realize that time isn't real. Now listen to the beats getting slow or faster. Do this for a few minutes and then listen, if the beats are closer or father apart you've done it. Practice this enough and eventually you won't need a clock.
Telepathy is the power to communicate with others through your mind. There are several techniques in learning how to do this but if you are just starting out I suggest that you and a friend who are both trying to learn this start out by sending a color or a number to each other. Do this by sitting across from your friend who is ready to receive a message. The receiver's mind should be completely blank and this can be achieved directly after meditating and if the message is recieved correctly it will be the first thing that pops into their head. You both should focus on a beam shooting out from your head chakra into the other's forehead and when you are both ready the sender should imagine, if sending a color, that the beam and everything around him is that color. And if sending a number, that everything around you is covered in that number, thousands and thousands of them.
Group Telepathy: Have a group of people who are with you and are all trying ot communicate telepathically. Get the group to imagine that all thier minds have merged into one in the center. Should be in circle formation. If done correctly you will be allowed to talk telepathically more easily than done with the beam technique.
This is the ability over water. In many ways it is like telekinesis but it can only influence molecules in liquid state and cannot create anything. One technique is to get a glass of water, and imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out of your third eye chakra and pulling up the water. This takes a lot of practice but if done correctly you should see the water bulge up. You can also try and push down to condense the water.
Astral Projection
This is the power to become your spirit and fly out of your body, also called OBE (Out of Body Experience). While in this state you can fly through most solid matter and have enchanced telekinesis. If in a bad mood when initiated evil spirits will be attracted but if in a good mood good spirits will be attracted. There is a cord connecting you to your body called the astral cord. NEVER EVER let it snap or your body will die. You will feel a slight pull or tug when your body needs to be reanimated. Simply meditate for a few minutes then mentally travel throughout your body disconnecting every point. If it doesn't work will them all to be reconnected.
Aura Sight
Creative Manifestation
Energy Chaff
Lucid Dreaming
Mind Control
Mind Reading
This is the ability manipulate light. You could control lighting, change the color of light, bend small lasers, make your aura visible to others, and more. You can also create minor illusions. One technique is to a dark room then imagine a ball of light particles in your hand then imagine them shooting out in a straight line from your finger. You can also try to make a lighted psi ball, create light, change the color of light, and attempt to make your aura visible to someone else.
Remote Viewing
Psychic Vampirism
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