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The Psi Rebellion
Intermediate Psi


Intermediate Psi Techniques
Spoon Bending
Quite possibly the most infamous psi technique ever known as made famous in the movie The Matrix. This can take weeks or months of practice before you can get it to work. First take a spoon, then go into  a spot where you will not be disturbed. Then close your eyes and hold the spoon in your hand, rubbing your thumb up and down the side. Feel the warmth and energy of the spoon, visualize it merging with you, and when you finally get enough momentum and power from connecting with it use all your willpower available to focus on the spoon bending. This is very difficult.
Cut a piece of string about ten inches lot and then tie one end to something in front of you so it hangs freely and tie the other end to a toothpick or a needle or something thin and about that long. Then focus on energy reaching out of your third eye chakra and pushing against one side. Eventually it will begin to spin and once you get enough momentum you can actually get it to swing from side to side instead of just spinning. Make sure you aren't fooling yourself by breathing on it. You can also direct the energy by pointing at one side but not touching it.

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