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The Psi Rebellion



The Grand Chamber of Adamantine Opinions Council of Believers Base Site

The Forums


The Kinesis' and More

These are for very advanced psi practitioners.

Psi Ball Guide By Xenojjin

The Psi Ball is a good point to begin.

Beginning Psi Techniques

More good techniques to begin with concerning the Psi Ball.

Intermediate Psi Techniques

For those advanced past psi balls.

Psi Shields

Psi Defense Techniques.

Psi Links

These are excellent psi sites and forums.




Unexplained-Mysteries Psi Forum

The Psionics Forum

The Wingmakers

The Powers Within

Other Sites including Wicca and the Grand Chamber of Adamantine Opinions council of Believers.

Arwenpotter's site

Ashley-Star*Child's Site

Please send all comments to Please do not send me any reasons for why you do not believe in psi or something like that.

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